Isabela Rangel Grutman

Rangel- coming from the founder's maiden name- was born in 2021 as a ready-to-wear women's and children's line. From modeling at a young age, she's always been enamored by fashion and the feelings that a perfect outfit elicited for her.
When she set out to design for the Rangel Woman, words such as strong, bold, beautiful, kind, and curious were what came to mind.

Entirely engaged in the aesthetic and blueprint of the brand, Isabela carefully curates and designs for the modern women that she is inspired by in her life. Matriarchy runs deep in her brand DNA, creating something that the women in her life can be proud of, and for the two little girls she has that she can pass down to. As we incorporate new collections and product categories to our brand, the story that Rangel is meant to tell will be able to be enjoyed by women all around the world.

Each collection is thoughtfully designed to pull inspiration from her roots in Brazil, to all of the experiences she has had all over the world. Sustainability and ethical practices are at the forefront of Rangel, incorporating the well-being of the planet into every design and production decision. Sourcing from all around the world, we use the highest quality of textiles and garment trims from the precious markets of Italy and Brazil, to highly skilled workers here in the US.

We invite you to join our community, and to indulge in fashion through the eyes of the Rangel Woman.